Outreach Program/Mixtape…

We are about to embark on our first foray into ‘begging over the internet’ otherwise known as ‘fundraising through the brilliant entity known as Kickstarter.com‘ and we are very excited. You see, there’s been talk about ‘making an album album’ ‘going on tour’ and ‘taking over the world’ since our first shows but only recently did our band put money in our proverbial mouths in order to take on the most ambitious venture yet: recording our debut LP.

We’ve made the first of many monetary commitments that will culminate in our band, GRLFRNDS, recording an album that will rain ‘shock and awe’ upon our already ravenous, sexy fan-base. Along with some of our esteemed colleagues who are also releasing albums in the near future (The Jump Offs, Painted Highways, Clones of The Queen, Aesthete to name just a few) we’re hoping to put Hawaii on the map. Turn this place into a dot in the middle of the pacific that hipsters all over the world will begin to circle on their maps, globes and atlases. This might be youthful idealism but I recently turned 25 and the word youthful is starting to seem like a stretch. So color me idealistic but this smile on my face as I type this reflects a certain smugness rooted in a couple Czech beers, the memory of an energetic marathon set we KILLED at 39Hotel this past Tuesday and the knowledge we have a couple cards up our sleeves.

If you made it this far I applaud the fact you indulged me by reading my drunken rants and longwinded exposition and I think you deserve to crack one open yourself and listen to these songs I picked out for you. Love yall 4ever.

DOM – Living in America

Tokyo Police Club – Breakneck Speed

HEALTH – Before Tigers (Cfcf Remix)

Handsome Furs – Thy Will Be Done

Robyn – Dancehall Queen

Kavinsky – Testarossa Autodrive

Free Energy – All I Know

Nobunny – I Am A Girlfriend

Cell Empathy – Drugs For Free

That last song if you didn’t know is one of the demo’s I released under my solo alias Cell Empathy and is streaming with another track on Bandcamp.

And with that earlier talk about about starting a Kickstarter I would be remiss if I did not plug our friends in Clones Of The Queen who just recently launched their own Kickstarter to fund their highly anticipated debut EP.  Good luck gang!

-Alex Kaiser

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