LIFE RAPE… coming soon from one of our favorite local quarterlies!


Sorry yall! I didn’t realize you guys wanted that article and we hate to steal… We just got a total boner from Pooley’s writing and wanted to archive it for posterity’s sake.

Can we look forward to Life Rape: Directors Cut Redux in 3D?

FYI This is a fake blog by people too misanthropic to be pretentious, we get confused at complex phrases like “certain medias” and the only person we know who writes letters is Win Butler.

In all honesty I was reposting it so a couple of my friends could read it because it disappeared (I’m sure it wasn’t censorship!) and it slipped my mind for a second that you were a serious magazine and would get seriously upset. It wasn’t passive agression that drove me to make that blog post as much as it was enthusiasm for the content and – apologetically – lack of respect for attribution and taking things seriously.

Didn’t mean to ‘life rape’ you like that…

One thought on “LIFE RAPE… coming soon from one of our favorite local quarterlies!

  1. FLUX Hawaii

    Honestly, you should not make pretentious comments about censorship when you really have no idea of the backstory behind this post.

    And if you do feel the utter and absolute need to make these pretentious comments about certain medias, you should send a letter to the editor, instead of passive aggressively posting it behind our back and without our knowledge.

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