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summer mix no.2

So you probably are all like where is summer mix number one? If you are lucky enough to be one of my friends you prolly got a copy but i’ll get around to putting it up for the masses later. So yeah, this mix is a little less ‘banger’ than the last one. It features lots of blog-worthy artists that have been around a while, some new stuff and a couple of the producers I have been really enjoying lately (Yacht, Death To The Throne and Parallels). It’s pretty chill for listening to at the beach or getting drunk to or just being hot and sweaty all like ‘I wish summer was over’ when you put on these jams and it’s all like ‘who wants to do body shots off the dog?’

summer mixx

Yacht – Summer Song
Bloc Party – One More chance (Radio Edit)
Parallels – Reservior
Architecture In Helsinki – Heart It Races (Single Version)
Birdman and Lil Wayne ft. T-Pain and Rick Ross – Know What I’m Doin’ (Death To The Throne Remix)
Matt And Kim – Yea Yeah (Flosstradamus Remix Final)
La Roux – Bulletproof
Magic Wands – Teenage Love
Pela – Lost To The Lonesome
The Drums – Let’s Go Surfing!
Neon Indian – Deadbeat Summer
Wavves – Friends Were Gone
Phoenix – 1901
Yacht – Psychic City
Coconut Records – Nighttiming
Detachments – The Flowers That Fell (Parallels Remix)
Yelle – Qui Est Cette Fille (Robyn Cover)
Birdman and Lil Wayne – Pop Bottles (Death To The Throne Remix)

… I tried to find a good balance of ‘chill stuff’ and bangers. Think I did pretty good. Might use this mix for ‘foreplay’ or something less suggestive like ‘smoking blunts’ (via cheap weed).

Oh! OH! Lots of shows this month!

MGMT @ Pipeline July 16th

Diplo @ Next Door on the 31st

PLEASE PLEASE dont forget to see our band GIRLFRIENDS on July 24th @ The Loft! This is a Battle of the Bands to see who opens for Modest Mouse in September so Hawaii is the place to be, kids.

-Alex Soze, 2009

Obligatory Michael Jackson Post

A few months ago this band called the Justice said MJ was their favorite artist. Before that I only thought of MJ as a kind of guy that I did not want to be around as a kid or let other kids be around. I am a product of my environment and that’s just what I was told. I was also told Pepsi lit him on fire. And something about ‘jesus juice’.

So I started listening to MJ and his band the Jackson 5. Don’t get me wrong I’ve heard it my whole life but this time I ‘really listened’ to it (via. weed/repeated listenings) and it is pretty awesome. P.Y.T. is the shit. The moment he died I realized how much his career outweighed his eccentricity (via molestation) and I really hope that when I die my body of work will take precedent over the bad things I did.

Think if I get famous/make better music I can do worse things.

Then I saw this video.

I didn’t know MJ was so political. Maybe he was like M.I.A. b4 mia

This song was apparently simultaneously about Iran and the disproportionate rates of African American in incarceration.

Do not think stripping/fondling oneself in a prison cafeteria is the best personal brand but I am surprised Neptunes were producing bangers when MJ ‘got edgy’ and ‘settled that first lawsuit in the early 90’s.’

For reals. I love. Dont hate.

Alex Soze, 2009

this is the remix

Welcome to the Subversive Media Group music blog – bringing you fresh tracks and information about the best bands in Hawaii and abroad, shameless self promotion and snark. This website is moderated by the band Girlfriends – Alex, Nate, Nick and Jake, and will follow the exploits of ourselves and other musicians as we work hard at keeping the Hawaii ‘scene’ alive. We look forward to offering you some of the music that influences us and insight into what other ‘scenesters’ are listening to as well as original materiel by some of the best bands in Hawaii. Our first offering is an electro track me and Jake recorded/programmed earlier this year and have since appropriated into our live band Girlfriend’s set. I guess you could call it the dance remix:

Get Through To You – Gaza In Neon

… here is a video from Le Tenia – Sweet Sixteen.

– Alex Soze, 2009